menu pro anglicky mluvící spoluobčany

Today’s menu
Crisp lettuce salad with gorgonzola, walnuts, Williams pear
and honey  70 g     
Tuna steak with mixed salad or warm chickpea salad 200 g                                               
Grilled chicken leg with baked potato  200 g    
Chicken curry salad, fresh vegetables, Greek yogurt, 
mozzarella 150 g      
Pork tenderloin, prepared on the grill,
glazed onions, baked potatoes   200 g      
Roasted beef ribs in  marinade  200 g    
Marinated roast beef, beetroot salad with apples
and horseradish  150 g      
Beef burger with bacon, fried egg, 
tortilla chips, barbecue sauce  150 g      
Beef pastrami burger with ginger mustard, onion and
pickled cucumber  150 g      
Striploin steak from beef sirloin of Aberdeen Angus      
Venison steaks according to your wishes  150 g     
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